Schadenersatz Tätigkeitsverbot Corona Krise How much is your
Corona damage?
Compensation through Class Action! SUE FOR DAMAGES
Musterklage Schadenersatz durch Corona Company closed because of Covid-19? We will sue for you until the end! JOIN NOW Has the shutdown
ruined you?
We sue for your losses! SUE TOGETHER
Covid-19 Schadenersatz fordern Loans are not a solution! We claim compensation for your damage! LAWSUIT WITHOUT RISKS

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Your Lawyer

My name is Luis de Miguel Ortega. I am a lawyer in Burgos, Spain, specialised in consumer protection. I cooperate with the law firm of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich in Germany, who has developed a litigation strategy to recover your losses from the Covid-19 crisis.

The Class Action

What is the problem of a claim for compensation? Why is there a claim for compensation in relation to the Corona Pandemic? Who is the plaintiff, who is the defendant? Do I have a litigation risk? Where will the Corona Class Action take place?

Without initiative you remain the Covid-19 victim

The larger the total amount of coronavirus damages that can be claimed by all participating companies, the greater the impact at low cost for the individual company.

Secure your claimThe time has come!

Is your company one of many that have suffered losses as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions? It is time for you to claim them.

Join the Corona class action now. Your costs: €800
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Together we are stronger!

Our Blog about the Covid-19 Damage Class Action

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Get your money back!

Together we are suing for financial compensation those responsible in state institutions who are to blame for the enormous financial losses of our companies.

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You can decide today whether you want to remain a victim or come into your own. Come out of the crisis stronger.