Background of the Corona Class Action

What is behind the Corona Class Action?

Behind this is the possibility of asserting claims for damages incurred by an entrepreneur or self-employed person due to the lockdown in the form of lost profits, either in Spain or – if the courts here prove not to be politically independent – in the form of a genuine class action in the USA. All companies affected by the Corona measures in Spain could join such a class action.

What is the Reason for the Claim?

The “Berlin Corona Ausschuss” has determined in the course of the questioning of medical and other scientists and experts, which has been going on for more than 6 weeks, that the Covid-19 PCR test brought into play by Prof. Drosten and marketed worldwide as the first (also in the USA) on the recommendation of the WHO CANNOT make a statement as to whether a person tested positive is really infected with COVID-19 and infectious. It is also not approved for this purpose, in short: it is completely unsuitable as a corona test. Nevertheless, every “positive” person is sold to us as an infected “Corona case”. And yet the tests are the SOLE basis for the policy measures that undermine fundamental rights.

What use is a lawsuit in the USA to me as an affected company in Spain?

Anyone who has been affected by the measures worldwide and has suffered sales damages as a result can join such a class action in the US as soon as it is admitted by a court on application. If the court allows the action and it is successful. Then plaintiffs based outside the USA who have joined the action also have a right to have their damages compensated. At the same time, a large sum of damages will politically increase the pressure in advance to conduct the long overdue, deliberately prevented scientific discussion in public and to end all measures immediately.

Die Covid-19 Class Action
Covid-19 Class Action

How can I join?

At you can register as an affected company for the enforcement of claims for damages. The registration fee of 800 euros plus VAT covers all costs. In the event of success, a success fee of 10 per cent of the amount recovered in each case is added.

Do you have further questions about the class action and the registration process? Check out our FAQ page.

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