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Learn more about the background to the corona lawsuit in this blog post. There is also a video on this topic.

The litigation strategy is explained in detail on this page.

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Questions & Answers about the class action

We have compiled the legal background to the Corona damages claim in this blog post.

Yes, as far as entrepreneurs (solo self-employed) with their own business operations are concerned. The lawsuit is primarily directed at the companies affected by the Corona scandal, which have suffered and/or are still suffering turnover losses as a result. We assume that the pressure on politics resulting from the class action – which, in culpable violation of all basic rules of decision-making, relied solely on the opinion of Prof. Drosten for its measures – will lead to the long overdue public scientific discussion, also with the experts such as Prof. Ioannides, Prof. Levitt, Prof. Mölling, Prof. Bhakdi, Prof. Homburg and others, and that in this course all anti-Corona measures be stopped immediately, also in view of the danger situation in Germany and Spain, as well as in Europe and worldwide, which has long since ceased to exist.

In principle, all companies worldwide affected by the same damage event (in this case, the lockdowns caused solely by the PCR tests, which are completely unsuitable for the detection of infection and are also not approved) can join a class action in the USA. Only companies that have their registered office in Spain or generate income in Spain and pay tax there can register on this website. However, similar initiatives in other countries will be supported by Rechtsanwalt Fuellmich and colleagues by obtaining the necessary expert opinions and expert witness statements, etc. Here is an overview of lawyers in other countries:

The lawsuit will be directly directed as a class action in the USA or Canada against Prof. Drosten of the Charité, because he misled against his better knowledge that the so-called PCR tests could detect infections. In addition, the class action will be directed against the WHO because it recommended the Drosten test worldwide, so that it was marketed worldwide (i.e. also in the USA and Canada); this also opened up the subject-matter jurisdiction of the US and Canadian courts. Compensation for the injured entrepreneurs is not only legally necessary, but economically reasonable. For if the entrepreneurs are forced into insolvency, the resulting tax losses, as well as the social transfers, especially in the form of unemployment benefits, will be many times more expensive. Apart from that, it is not yet clear that in the end the taxpayer will have to pay and not those who are responsible for the pseudo-pandemic and who profit from it economically.

The lump sum is fixed. This lump sum covers all the costs of the lawyers working for you. Even if the lawsuit is unsuccessful, no further costs will be added. Only if the class action is successful for you will 10 per cent of the sum actually won for you be added as a so-called contingency fee, and only then when money actually flows. Enforcement measures or proceedings for the recognition of the judgment or settlement are not covered by the lump sum. If you have a VAT identification number and your company is not based in Germany, no VAT will be charged (reverse charge).

If you have legal expenses insurance, please contact your insurance company to find out whether such a type of legal action is covered by the insurance conditions. For capacity reasons, we cannot negotiate or correspond with legal expenses insurers.

For registration purposes, it is initially sufficient to make a rough estimate of the turnover losses caused by the lockdown, e.g. in the comparative period from March to June 2020 compared to the corresponding comparative period in 2019. You generally prove the damage by means of an evaluation by your tax advisor. This will be necessary at the latest when the action has been filed or admitted, or if any out-of-court negotiations are successful. In the context of the action, it should also be established with the help of a so-called declaratory motion that the other party is also liable for (future) damages that cannot yet be quantified.

We ask you to refrain from only registering without subsequently issuing a mandate. This means additional organisational work if these cases have to be cancelled again. Due to the high demand, we ask you to only register if you want to issue a mandate.

The period of preparations could be successfully concluded in November 2019. In the USA, the partners of lawyer Fuellmich are the legal team around Robert F. Kennedy Jr. A first lawsuit will soon be filed there regarding the PCR tests also used in the USA. For this lawsuit, a class action will be filed in the USA. Furthermore, lawyer Fuellmich supports Canadian colleagues with his findings, who will also file another PCR lawsuit in Canada.

If you do NOT want to join the class action, but INSTEAD want to take legal action in Germany, then you should contact the lawyer Fuellmich und Kollegen ( or directly.
If you want to take legal action in Spain, it is best to contact the well-known Spanish consumer lawyer Luis de Miguel Ortega ( directly.

Behind the strategy here is not just one lawyer, but several international lawyers. Dr Reiner Fuellmich developed the class action strategy and implements it together with several lawyers. For Spain, this is lawyer Luis de Miguel Ortega. For this reason, the contract is also designed in such a way that you conclude it with lawyer Luis de Miguel Ortega.

Moreover, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is not only admitted as lawyer in Germany, but also in California and thus also has litigation experience in Anglo-American law.

Whether you prepare your tax returns with or without tax advice is completely irrelevant. The decisive factor is that you can prove your loss of revenue, e.g. on the basis of your tax documents. However, a tax advisor can assist you in determining your losses and the documents to be provided, if necessary. However, this is not mandatory for registration.

We are currently experiencing a very high influx of client enquiries, which we are responding to as a matter of priority. Therefore, please do not be disappointed if we are unable to reply to emails with information due to time constraints. However, we will definitely forward explosive information to Attorney Fuellmich and the Corona Committee. You can also send your comments on Corona directly to the Corona Committee

We do not accept donations. But you could support the important educational work of the Corona Committee, because only through this educational work do we have the necessary information and insider knowledge to prepare the class action in the USA or Canada.