Lawyer Luis de Miguel Ortega from Scabelum TV interviews lawyer Jens Biermann

In this interview, lawyer Jens Biermann, interviewed by lawyer Luis de Miguel Ortega, explains the class actions organised by German-American lawyer Reiner Fuellmich in the USA and Canada as part of a programme for These so-called “class actions” are intended to help affected companies receive compensation for the loss of sales caused by the Corona Pandemic lockdowns. Attorney Fuellmich runs law firms in Germany and the USA. In the past, he has successfully brought class action lawsuits against large corporations such as Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank, and concluded very positively for his clients. This has cost Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen billions.

Since a class action has only been rudimentarily introduced into civil procedural law in European countries, it is Rechtsanwalt Fuellmich’s plan to use the class action option in the USA or even Canada. This would also have the advantage of encountering much more independent judges there. The law of evidence there would also be more favourable for the plaintiff, as the opposing party would not be allowed to withhold evidence. An evidentiary procedure would precede the trial (“pre-trial discovery” procedure). Often, a settlement is reached between the parties after the conclusion of the so-called “pre-trial discovery” proceedings. The system of collection of evidence is a very effective tool for the plaintiff.

The class action system pits many “small” plaintiffs together against one or more large defendants. In this system, a case brought by one plaintiff serves as an example for all other plaintiffs. This is an excellent procedural means of redressing the imbalance, especially in disputes with a structural imbalance (David against Goliath).

Companies based in Spain affected by the loss of turnover can sign up for the Covid-19 damages class action at