I am a member of an international team of lawyers around the German lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. We are dedicated to seeking financial compensation for the immense damage caused to companies by the governments’ Covid-19 measures. I am enabling companies based in Spain to join this class action.

Luis de Miguel Ortega

Lawyer Luis de Miguel Ortega

I am a lawyer specialising in consumer law. I used to be a nurse by vocation.

I am the founder of the channel www.scabelum.com. It has existed since the early 2000s, being more active since 2014, becoming more active in 2016 and finally being at full capacity since 2020.

Within the national health system, in public and private centres, my work as a nurse has made me see the greatness of “patients” and their infinite capacity to find themselves, to recover and to help others.

I believe that many “professionals” think that we often get in the way more than we help with our science and protocols, all this led me to study law with the aim, “patients”, consumers and citizens in general to defend their own autonomy of choice, preserve their dignity and defend peaceful and orderly coexistence.

Personally, I feel that for the task that my work entails and I am completely convinced that we have an exciting, marvellous and extremely important adventure ahead of us.

The continuity of our culture and civilisation and of life depends on our building a big family and restoring the capacities of civil society.

My most important activity in the past: representing a judge who wanted to investigate the background of the Madrid bombings in 2004 and who was committed to a psychiatric hospital.

My current most important activity: Helping Spaniards who have to pay Corona fines, also related to cases of PCR in the workplace, compulsory vaccinations for the elderly and disabled or losses in business.