Notification of the status of the action – 20/03/2021

This is a translation from the original German notification of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. The German original can be found at:


Dear Sir or Madam,

as you could already see from our channels, there have been new developments in Canada and in the USA, but also in Europe and especially in Germany, which show that this is a very tough fight that goes far beyond the purely legal:


It is particularly important for us to point out once again that it is only the very well coordinated international cooperation of the legal profession, especially the German/Austrian/French and Italian legal profession with the Anglo-American legal profession (which alone has the powerful tool of class action and a real right of proof, namely pre-trial discovery) which will finally lead to the goal. For what we recognize here worldwide, still laboriously disguised as a “pandemic”, but nevertheless more and more clearly visible, is – as already described several times – in truth the greatest attack on democracy that has ever existed, carried out by the so-called/self-appointed political and corporate elites. The goal of this attack is to provide these so-called self-proclaimed “elites” with the assets of the middle class and taxpayers and, with the help of the so-called digital vaccination passport, to gain permanent control over every citizen, especially, of course, those who allow themselves to be “vaccinated”. Because the profiteers of the most intensive and targeted spread of mass panic worldwide are the pharmaceutical and tech industries, whose tests, masks, “vaccines” are paid for with hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money. With the help of our genetic data stored in the vaccination passport, they will gain control especially over those who let themselves be “vaccinated” because no one informs them that – in massive violation of the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Accords as well as the principle of “informed consent” – a medical experiment is being tested out on them. This is because there are no scientific studies, such as those usually conducted regarding the efficacy and safety of a new drug, before it is used on the market.


Against the background of these facts, it is then understandable that the above-mentioned “elites” have made sure that they have filled decisive positions of power with people who – like puppets – implement these goals for them. We see them in Germany at the head of the federal government and especially the Bavarian state government, but also at the head of the Federal Constitutional Court, and we see them in Europe especially at the head of the EU Commission; in the USA it cannot be overlooked that with the new president a pure puppet is acting. This has an impact on the courts, especially on the hierarchically organized German courts, in which politics can rule through the court presidents, so that only the – numerically inferior – strong judges, who cannot be brought into line, stand up for the rule of law and thus for democracy – but at the same time these are the best. Regarding the person of the President of the Federal Constitutional Court, this article is extremely revealing:



The first damages class action in Canada, into which our clients (as well as those from other countries, e.g. Namibia through their respective, specialized lawyers) are to be transferred, has indeed been rejected by the court of first instance as “querulous” (!). This has already been spread on our channels. However, this lawsuit is now continuing before the highest Canadian court. And there, in Canada, another international class action is being prepared by the same lawyers, this time for children, i.e.: Children from all over the world who have been harmed by Drosten measures (i.e. virtually every child, including yours) should be able to assert their claims for damages/pain compensation there. Once again, the two central false factual assertions of Mr. Drosten (which were subsequently pushed worldwide by the WHO) are also at the center there, namely the questions:

Are there “asymptomatic infections”? Of course not, because someone who has no symptoms is healthy and accordingly could not give an answer to a doctor (whom a healthy person would never visit, of course) when asked what symptoms he had,

Can a PCR test detect infections? Of course not, even the WHO had to admit this in the meantime, that is why PCR tests are not approved for diagnostic purposes at all.

Without the assertion that there are asymptomatic infections, no one would have come up with the idea that healthy, symptom-free people could be sick, and certainly no one would have come up with the idea of testing healthy, symptom-free people.


The lawsuit pending in New York by our colleagues at Childrens Health Defense (CHD) has never been a class action. Rather, this is a lawsuit challenging the requirement to perform PCR testing, which affects children who want to go to school. It is one of the many stakes around the world that we are driving around Mr. Drosten and his claims. There, only the emergency motion was rejected – albeit completely by surprise, and obviously politically motivated – and the lawsuit itself continues.

However, we now intend to file a real class action in the U.S. as well, and also in Australia. We are in close contact with our colleagues in both countries.


In the meantime, two Israeli colleagues, with whom we are in exchange, have initiated a criminal case at the International Criminal Court because of the human trials – astonishingly also ongoing in Israel. You can find the link to it here:

And a judge at the AG Ludwigsburg has made another very good, and above all very well reasoned decision, according to which (as already stated by the AG Weimar) the anti-Corona measures are unconstitutional and void. You can find the link here:,-richterin-am-amtsgericht-ludwigsburg-zerpflueckt-corona-verordnung-_arid,628632.html


In summary: In our opinion, a legal victory is only possible in the international cooperation of the enlightened (especially about the problems of the PCR test and the asymptomatic infections) lawyers, and especially in the cooperation with the Anglo-American colleagues. And this requires, first and foremost, the scientists as experts and expert witnesses whom we heard in the Corona Committee.

Two particularly important proceedings have been initiated that will lead to success, but we cannot report on them yet so as not to jeopardize their success.

In addition, a zoom with livestream with the Canadian colleagues is intended for the coming week, exact dates will be announced.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who support us daily with their kind and motivating words. We will defeat the criminal regime that is trying to establish itself.

With best regards

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, LL.M.

Attorney at Law