Dear Company Owner,

in the following, we outline the problems that your company faces if you want to sue for damages for losses incurred in connection with the Covid-19 restrictions in a European country. We also explain the litigation strategy developed by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, which is aimed at a class action in the USA and or Canada. We are a member of an international group of lawyers who file applications for this class action and thus enable companies to bring their claims to court. Learn more about the background to the corona lawsuit in a blog post. There is also a video on this topic.

The Problem

Rechtsanwalt Experten Team
  1. As a result of Covid-19-related restrictions, your company has incurred financial losses.

  2. You have received insufficient or no compensation from the state.

  3. Suing for damages in Europe has the following disadvantages:
  • Everybody sues for themselves, i.e. costs and other expenses cannot be shared.

  • High risk of legal costs. For example, a lawsuit for 50,000 euros in the first instance has a litigation cost risk of almost 10,000 euros.

  • The evidence procedure in Europe is disadvantageous for the plaintiff, as he bears the full burden of proof and the defendant withhold information.

Our Solution

  1. You will not sue alone, but together with many other injured parties in a class action.

  2. Among others, Mr Drosten (Charité Berlin) and Mr Wieler (RKI) are being sued for intentional immoral damage because they intentionally falsely advertised the Covid-19 PCR test. The defendants mentioned are employees of state institutions, so that state liability arises here under the corresponding conditions.

  3. Since there is no class action in Europe, the lawsuit will be held in the USA and or Canada. This is possible because one or more of the main plaintiffs come from the USA and Canada and therefore have their place of jurisdiction in the USA resp. Canada. We can then add claims from companies in other countries to this lawsuit to the extent that they are economically harmed in the same way as a result of the Covid-19-related restrictions.

  4. The pre-trial discovery process in the US is superior to the European process because defendants are not allowed to withhold evidence.

  5. There is no litigation cost risk. You pay a net contribution of 800 euros once and have no further costs if the case is dismissed.

  6. Our cooperation partner, the lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is organising this class action together with lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from the “Children’s Health Defense”. Within the framework of the Corona Committee in Germany, he has received information from hundreds of witnesses and whistle-blowers. Thus, there is a solid evidence base to successfully initiate a class action lawsuit.

  7. Our advocacy service for your company: We will bring your company, with the damages claim you have presented, into the class action in the USA. In this way, you ensure that your damages are taken into account in the event of a positive outcome of the lawsuit.
The "Class Action", a well-established component of the Anglo-Saxon law

“Class-action lawsuits are an important and valuable part of the legal system when they permit the fair and efficient resolution of legitimate claims of numerous parties by allowing the claims to be aggregated into a single action against a defendant that has allegedly caused harm.”

(Preamble to the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, passed by the United States Congress)